Some Brands Are Doing Their Homework. Are You?

You have been hearing a lot about how brands have to approach Latinos in a different way, well, it's true. We do pay a little extra attention to those who are talking to us.

Do you remember my post: "I Can Eat Prawns But Not Langostinos?" That's exactly what I mean when I say that brands need to think about me, a bilingual consumer, when they do their marketing. Language makes a huge difference.

While I was watching The Voice the other night (I trust you know by now that I am a huge fan of that TV show), two TV commercials got my full attention. Two brands that have taken the time to, not only present a high quality production, but also have taken the time to do the research on how to sell their product to us Latinos. 

If you are a PR person or work in marketing, and have clients who want to start marketing to the Latino community, have them take a look at these examples, they might learn something from them:

Mi Tide- Abuela. This commercial is absolutely hilarious

Target - Clap your hands. Although there's not too much use of Spanish, the amount used is perfect.

The used of a bilingual commercial was what captured my attention, because that's what I use in my every day life juts like many other bilingual Latinos do. We go back and forth between languages and that's what makes us especial. 


  1. I also found these commercials right on. They speak to the right target where the target is in a very organic way. Great post!


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