Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Devious Maids, East Los High... More of The Same?

Whenever I hear of a new TV show, or a film with an all-Latino cast, I HAVE to watch it. I think is clear that is very important for our community to support those who are making it big, those who are putting the name of Latinos out there, and changing the stereotypes that the film, and the entertainment industries are constantly using. 

So, what happens when the Latinos we are praising, all of a sudden decide to draw upon those same stereotypes that we so much despise? We turn to Social Media, our blogs, and we share our thoughts about it! 

My discontent with "Devious Maids" is mainly because I think that we Latinas have played enough roles as maids in films, and TV shows. It feels like the message that the entertainment industry keeps sending to our youth is, "This is your place in our society. Don't think about other careers, or other choices." No, this is not what I want my granddaughter to grow up believing. 

Then, we have streaming on Hulu the show "East Los High." A show that seemed promising. Especially after reading that the director/producer of the show Carlos Portugal told the writers, “The cast of “East Los High” will have no gardeners, no gang members, and no maids.” I truly believed that he would do something different, but no. This show is more of the same; gang members, teenage girls, and boys being disrespectful, and the low income families who live in some of the poorest neighborhoods.

When are things going to change? And it's not like there are not good writers out there, because there are. The main issue is that some of the big executives don't believe that Latinos are ready for a change. We want that change. So, in order to get better quality entertainment on our screens, we will have to show, somehow, that we are not okay with the way the industry is portraying us. Or... we could also produce/direct our own shows. What do you think?