Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Celebrate Día de Muertos at the Seattle Art Museum for FREE.

It's SAM's 15th annual Día de Muertos celebration! 

Come and celebrate one of the most beautiful Mexican traditions, Día de Muertos /Day of the Dead, at the Seattle Art Museum this November 1st from 6 to 8 pm.

Visit the tapete de arena (Sand painting) made by local artist Fulgencio Lazo inspired by Oaxaca's traditions for the holiday, while you enjoy great music, outstanding performances, and delicious food.  

This is a free event, and it's open to the public. For more information go to: Seattle Art Museum. 

I hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the SAM Remix on October 25th, 2013.

The Seattle Art Museum has hosted the recurring event, SAM Remix, for several years now, and what makes the remixes so especial is the combination of music, fun, and art all under the same roof. The next remix will happen this Friday, October 25th from 8pm - 11:59 pm at the Seattle Art Museum. 

If you have attended a SAM Remix in the past, you know about all the amazing activities that SAM offers during the night. But, if you have not, here are a few of those fun activities: 
  • You will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon." 
  • Part of the live music will be provided by, our very own Grammy Award winner Carlos Cascante y su Tumbao
  • Arts and crafts will include: Creation of knot necklaces with designer Rachel Ravitch, inspired by quipu (knotted-cord records) from the Peru exhibition. Cosmic face painting by makeup artist Angie Glasser and Rashawnda Fitch, and construction of wicked or whimsical hats with artist Alicia Betty
  • Capture your fun and excitement of the night by posing for images solo or with friends with photographer Megumi Arai.
I hope you join me on this cosmic night filled with Latin rhythms, as I do a live guest-tweeting for the Seattle Art Museum from 10 - 11 pm! 

Prices are: SAM members $12. Adults $25. Students $20.
Tickets may be purchase online, at the Ticketing Desk at any of SAM's three sites or over the phone with a credit card by calling the Box Office at (206) 654-3121. Print at home tickets are strongly recommended. This event is 18 and older.

For all of the Twitter lovers, make sure you follow the Seattle Art Museum's Twitter handle (@iheartSAM) on the night of the event. I (@UtopiaMediaEnt) along with three other great twitter users, will let you know of all the fun, and cool things happening during the night by using the hashtag #SAMRemix. 

One more thing, because this remix is right before Halloween, costumes are encouraged but please, no masks. 

See you there!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The 5th Annual Seattle Latino Film Festival Brings Big Names of the Film Industry to the Pacific Northwest.

This year, Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Pacheco, Seattle Latino Film Festival's executive director, has brought not only striking Latino films, but also great figures of the film industry like, Damián Alcázar from "La Ley de Herodes," and "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", film director/writer/producer Leon Ichaso, very well known for directing the movie "El Cantante," and filmmaker/screenwriter Fernando Trueba.

This past Saturday, despite the huge traffic that I knew I would encounter on my way to Seattle, I had to go to the SIFF Cinema at the Uptown to support one of my favorite Mexican actors, Damián Alcázar. And boy, I am so happy I did!

The movie "Fecha de Caducidad/Expiration Date," where Damián is one of the main characters, is a satire in which the writer shows us how each character has a different perception on a series of events happening before their eyes.

It's a fantastic movie. The dark Mexican humor is something that I had stopped seeing sometime ago in films, and it was refreshing to see it again.

After the film, there was a Q&A session with starring actor Damián Alcázar. Unfortunately, there wasn't much time for questions, but it was enough time to find out a little more about his thoughts on the film industry in Mexico nowadays. 

I knew of his political activism in my home country of Mexico, but now I also know that he has been one of the very few actors that have been faithful to his principles. He has rejected to be part of several movies that could taint the image of Mexico abroad. He mentioned that he is presently focused on making Independent Films that can shed some light on the real issues that affect the people of Mexico. 

Another personality of the film industry that I recommend you to see is, Cuban American Director Leon Ichaso who will give a Free Talk on Thursday, October 10th at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. followed by the screening of his movie "El Cantante," at the WA History Museum. For more information on the event click "here."

Another great artist that you would not want to miss is the Spanish book editor, screenwriter, film director, and producer Fernando Trueba who won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with "Belle Époque" in 1994. He will be present during the screening of his film "El Artista y la Modelo."

I decided to share the names of these extraordinary artists with you, because I have always admired their work. However, my recommendation is that you go to see as many films as you possibly can during this festival because some of these films, will probably never come back to the U.S. 

Mexican actor Damián Alcázar during the Q&A session 

Giving an interview to Martha Sanchez of Latino Northwest Communications

Photo by: Mario Zavaleta
Filmmaker Leon Ichaso. Source: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Filmmaker Fernando Trueba. Source: Servicios Internacionales

Thursday, October 3, 2013

To Yelp, or Not to Yelp.

My parents used to tell me that, even when I didn't like something, or someone, I always had to be respectful because that would show the type of person that I am. So, when I see people leaving not very pleasant comments on social media platforms, it makes me wonder what kind of person they are.

Last week, while I was reading my Twitter feed, I read a tweet from my favorite coffee shop that shocked me:

After reading it, I asked what had caused that tweet? He replied to me that a Yelp user had left a not very nice review on their Yelp profile... 

I understand that many rely on the ratings that other users give to a place to decide wether to go there or not, but was it really needed to be rude? I usually use Yelp to find places nearby, but I don't always follow the reviews because, what one person finds very delicious, I may not, or vice versa

For example, some think that Tex-Mex is very good Mexican food, and they rate a Tex-Mex restaurant as the "Best Real Mexican Restaurant Ever," when in reality, is not. But they like it, and that's fine with me.

We have seen very often a fabulous restaurant lose points on their reviews because of a silly comment, and that's, to me, pretty absurd. Don't you think? 

I have taken several friends to "El Portal Coffee Roasters" because I love the place, the food, and the coffee. And because the owners are very kind people with that Veracruzano spirit that reminds me of home whenever I go there. So, if you are one of those friends, and if you disagree with the review the other user gave, would you mind going to the El Portal's Yelp profile and write a review? Thank you!