A Film Crew in Seattle.

I got word during the weekend that a film crew would be video shooting some action movie/tv show at the Gas Works Park in Seattle. 

Miguel and I got pretty interested in it since they were going to take two days to prepare the park for the filming. That meant that it was going to be a big production and we HAD to be there to see it obviously!

Even though we were not able to be too close to the action, we had a lot of fun talking to the crew and seeing how they were getting everything ready. 

Because we are in the video industry, we know that in order to have a good shot of a scene, sometimes the director has to ask the actors to repeat it several times. That is something that we are used to do so, when we saw the actors repeating a scene where they had to arrive on a truck, get out of it and run towards something more than five times, it was actually fun to watch. 

I also heard that a helicopter would be part of the action, and I waited, and waited, and waited until it became too cold to stay out there and we decided to get back home. But I know now; next time I will bring extra blankets to stay warm. 

Here are a few pictures that I was able to take of this fun experience.

The crew occupied the whole parking lot and some extra blocks. I counted about 15 trailers in total.
Miguel and I fell in love with this crane and these lights. They would have come in handy a few months ago for a video shooting we did. 
The view of the city was espectacular. Too bad the picture doesn't do it justice. 
There were lights EVERYWHERE! 
   This is one of the two trucks that the production team has for the "good guy." While they were finishing the video shooting on one side of the park, another person was getting this one ready on the other side for the next scene.
Because this is supposed to be an action film/TV show (I am still not sure which one it is), the Seattle Police Department had to be part of it too!
Does it look dramatic enough?