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The Perfect Collaboration.

As my company grows, I continue pushing myself to take risks. Getting out of my comfort zone leads me to new experiences that leave me with amazing learnings. I’d like to talk in this post about one of those experiences. 
Miguel (my husband and business partner), and I were recently invited by Mario Zavaleta and Martha Sanchez, owners of Latino Northwest Communications, to collaborate in a big filming project. Mario and Martha were the pioneers in creating the first Latino media company in the Seattle area more than 30 years ago, so you can imagine how honored Miguel and I felt when they approached us, and asked us to be part of this project.
I cannot share a lot about the project because it’s still in the editing stage, but what I can, and want to share is how amazing this experience was. 
Keep in mind that, we filmed for three full days, that we all were away from home and that this is the very first time we were all working together in such a big project. There were a lot of unknowns …

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