What Happens When I Listen to Salsa Music?

We all listen to different styles of music according to our mood, right? On this post, I decided to share the playlists that I have on my phone because I often like to share them on Facebook, or Twitter. Also, because many assume that since I'm Mexican, I only listen to norteño music, or that when I listen to salsa music I do it because I want to dance, and that's not always the case. So, I hope that after reading this post, you will have a better idea of what I am feeling when I'm listening to my playlists.

But first, I'll start by sharing a snapshot of my playlists:

There's probably no need to explain what I'm feeling when I listen to my "Romantic" playlist, but the "Pop & Reggae", is a different story. When I'm completely relaxed and thinking about how cool it is to live in the Seattle area, I play those songs. It reminds me of my life in Mexico City; playing with my band at different massive concerts. Those were pretty cool times.

Now, when I'm on a feisty and rebellious mood, I listen to my "Salsa, Cumbia & Merengue" playlist. There's something about those songs that makes me feel ready to battle. It may be that Ruben Blades' lyrics makes me feel like that. Of course, some other times I play that style of music because I want to dance,  but not always.    

I have hundreds of songs stored, and they go from Michael Bublé, to Caifanes (rock in Spanish), to Selena

I almost forgot, there's one playlist that I don't have on my phone commonly, and I always add it after Thanksgiving. Can you guess which type of music is on that playlist? And you? What is your favorite type of music, and what does it make you feel?