From Merengue to Jazz Vocals. Juan Luis Guerra On a Duet with Mr. Tony Bennett!

I had read earlier on Twitter, that Juan Luis Guerra would make an appearance with David Letterman on the "Late Night Show" singing a duet with the legendary Mr. Tony Bennett. I was, obviously, immediately curious about how Juan Luis Guerra's voice would sound singing something entirely different to what I usually hear him doing. His style falls into the Bachata, and Merengue rhythms. One of my favorite songs composed by him is "Ojalá Que Llueva Café." You can listen to it here:

So yes, I stayed up late (which I regularly do) and finally, there they were, Tony Bennett and Juan Luis Guerra. I really loved what I heard but, why don't you better judge for yourself? Enjoy this clip from the show! 

It's easy to notice how Juan Luis Guerra is really enjoying this performance.