Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto and Chris Stover Deliver an Outstanding Performance in Seattle

What a night!

The place: The Royal Room in Columbia City.

The time: 8:00 p.m.

The artist: Jovino Santos Quinteto featuring Chris Stover.

In the past, I have been asked to forget I’m a musician when attending a concert otherwise I don't let them enjoy the party. My answer has always been the same: “I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can’t do that.” I am always paying attention to the little details in a music concert, and I love it!

Yesterday night I attended a dear friend's concert, in fact, several friends' concert since I knew most of the musicians playing on stage. Like always, their performance was absolutely amazing. That’s the beauty of being a musician and never forgetting about it. I probably enjoy every single note played more than anyone else.

Here, there are a few pictures of the concert.

From left to right: Mark Ivester (drum set), Jeff Busch (percussions), Chris Stover (trombone), Ben Thomas (vibraphone), Tim Carrey (bass), Jovino Santos Neto (piano)

Ben Thomas and Jeff Busch

Chris Stover. He's one of the best trombone players in Seattle. He now lives in New York. 
Jovino Santos Neto... An amazing pianist/composer.

Jovino Santos and I.

Always sharing these wonderful moments with my husband!