Fiesta Premio Esmeralda: A Celebration of the Hispanic Contributions to Horse Racing in the Washington State.

I was invited this past Sunday to attend the “Fiesta Premio Esmeralda”, an event celebrating the contributions we as Latinos have made to horse racing in Washington State. The event consists of giving prizes in the name of Latino businesses or Latino-led organizations.

People from the Hispanic media, Latino Non-profits, leaders in our community such as the Honorable judge Steve Gonzalez, and family members of the gubernatorial candidates for Washington were present too. 

The celebration started with a demonstration of  “Charrería” which is an event similar to a rodeo. The “charros” displayed fabulous tricks with the rope, and they showed how their horses could enjoy and dance the traditional Mexican songs while a Mariachi was playing.

After the show concluded, Emerald Downs’ president, Mr. Ron Crockett, spoke to the audience with words of gratitude towards the Latino community. 

"We should stop calling a minority a community that has clearly become a majority," Crockett said, "especially when without them, we wouldn’t have Emerald Downs working as well as it is right now”. 

His words truly warmed my heart.

After Mr. Crockett’s speech, the real party started! A wonderful group of  Mexican folklore dancers called “La Guelaguetza” were the first ones to showcase the beauty of that culture. Right after them, the marvelous “Mariachi Guadalajara” entered the room and filled it with the sound of their voices, trumpets, and violins. One of the best Mariachis I have heard in this area. 

It was a beautiful event where the Latino contributions in Washington state were recognized. I'd like to thank the person who made this event possible: Mrs. Carmen Esparza, a valuable member of our community.

The Invitation

Charro working the rope

Dancing horses

The "Escaramuzas." The female version of the charro.

Dancing group "La Guelaguetza".

Mariachi Guadalajara

Our wonderful host,  Mrs. Carmen Esparza.


  1. I love it! I wish I was there!

    1. It was great! Memories of my beloved Mexico kept coming to my mind. :D


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