To Yelp, or Not to Yelp.

My parents used to tell me that, even when I didn't like something, or someone, I always had to be respectful because that would show the type of person that I am. So, when I see people leaving not very pleasant comments on social media platforms, it makes me wonder what kind of person they are.

Last week, while I was reading my Twitter feed, I read a tweet from my favorite coffee shop that shocked me:

After reading it, I asked what had caused that tweet? He replied to me that a Yelp user had left a not very nice review on their Yelp profile... 

I understand that many rely on the ratings that other users give to a place to decide wether to go there or not, but was it really needed to be rude? I usually use Yelp to find places nearby, but I don't always follow the reviews because, what one person finds very delicious, I may not, or vice versa

For example, some think that Tex-Mex is very good Mexican food, and they rate a Tex-Mex restaurant as the "Best Real Mexican Restaurant Ever," when in reality, is not. But they like it, and that's fine with me.

We have seen very often a fabulous restaurant lose points on their reviews because of a silly comment, and that's, to me, pretty absurd. Don't you think? 

I have taken several friends to "El Portal Coffee Roasters" because I love the place, the food, and the coffee. And because the owners are very kind people with that Veracruzano spirit that reminds me of home whenever I go there. So, if you are one of those friends, and if you disagree with the review the other user gave, would you mind going to the El Portal's Yelp profile and write a review? Thank you! 


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