There's Even An App For That Too...

I know there are many friends that, like me, love to take pictures and, although we are not professional photographers, we sometimes get to take some pretty decent pictures.

So... we take them and then what? Well, we want to share them on Facebook  or Twitter or Instagram of course! But wait, we know the rules right? Once you upload something on the web, it can be pretty much downloaded by anyone and used by whomever. 

Professional photographers sometimes wait until they get to upload their pictures onto their computers to then add their watermark so they can then share them on the web. But, I do not want to wait that long to share them! So, what's my solution then?  

One day while browsing my Instagram feed, I noticed that a picture from  my husband had a watermark. I immediately texted him asking what app had he used. Once he told me I started looking for more choices and I found many. So here are some of the ones I found, and the one I am now using. I am also including an app shared by my dear friend Valentina Vitols on her Facebook page.

Take a look at them:
This is the one I am using at the moment. Simple and easy to use.
I learned about this app through professional photographer Valentina Vitols.
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Have fun and keep sharing those beautiful pictures of yours!


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