LUNAFEST in Seattle Connected Women Through Film.

Last night, I attended the LUNAFEST in Seattle and let me tell you; I believe it's the first time I am truly happy to drive under a terrible stormy night. 

LUNAFEST was established in 2000 by LUNA, the makers of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women. You could think of it as a traveling film festival where films produced by talented women filmmakers are displayed.  In essence, LUNAFEST is a festival organized by women, for women, about women. 

The proceedings of this event will benefit great organizations like "Reel Grrls," a nonprofit media art and leadership training program for girl’s ages nine through nineteen based in Seattle, and "The Breast Cancer Fund."

The nine films displayed were all fantastic with powerful and thought-provoking subjects. Among my favorites were: "Flawed," "Lunch Date," and... I might be biased on this one but, I truly loved "When I Grow Up."  This last one was directed by Sharon Arteaga and talked about a Latina mother's dream to provide a better life for her daughter in Texas. Very moving...

I did not only had a fabulous time doing what I love to do most which is to watch movies, but I also had a swag bag with many good things inside! 

It really was a wonderful night. Thank you Girl Power Hour for putting together such a great event!